Reservations FAQs

How far ahead can we reserve a date for our party?

Our calendar is open for party reservation up to a year ahead.  

What's the latest time frame we can reserve a date?

Reservations must be done at least one week prior to your event date.  We open our weekend play to the public by Monday prior and once it's opened and play has been booked by others, there may not be any more availability.  However, give us a call or shoot us an e-mail and we can see how we can assist you.

Can we also book for other events like Baby Showers or Gender Reveal, etc?

Yes, absolutely!  Pre-school graduation and other milestones, our facility can be rented for any kind of celebration where you would need a play space for the children.

So I reserved our date online, what do we do next?

Hurray!  Now the next step is to sign the waiver.  Our party coordinator will get in touch with you via e-mail within 48 hours to verify some information and start the planning.

Deposit / Service Charge / Gratuity 

How much is the deposit to reserve our date?

The deposit is $200 to lock in your date whether it's for the Village, Town or City Package.  


Is the deposit non-refundable?

Unfortunately, the deposit is non-refundable no matter how far ahead your reservation date is. No exceptions.

What is the 15% Service Charge is for? (10% for Neighborhood)?

The 15% Service Charge is a mandatory fee charged in addition to all our Party Package pricing.  This fee goes towards all services rendered by our party team (Planner / Host / Assistant) from the time of booking, to planning, setting up, execution, after-party facility cleaning and everything else in between.  Our party packages' pricing only includes the rental of the space and depending on the package you choose, it also includes use of the table cloths, balloons on the bouquet stand, standard backdrop (for the basic package) & more items for the higher packages.

Is the Service Charge a gratuity?

No, the service charge is not the same as the gratuity.  Gratuity is not mandatory or required.  However, if you're happy with the host and the assistant's services during the party, and they have exceeded your expectations, your gratuity is highly appreciated and goes to them directly (tax-free).


Cancellation Policy

What is your CANCELLATION policy?

Due to us being a small business with only one location trying to make it through this pandemic, our parties truly are our main source of revenue. Party cancellations no matter what reason, hurt our business deeply, hence a very strict cancellation policy:

General Cancellation:

  • ALL Party deposits are non-refundable at any time for any reason.  

  • All cancellation policies below are strict and there are NO Exceptions!

1 Month+ Before Event:

  • Party may be rescheduled to another date of your choosing, as long as there is availability on that date.

  • Or Deposit may be applied towards a 10-day Play Pass instead of a "reschedule".

Less than 1 Month & at least 2 Weeks Before Event:

  • Party Reschedule is only offered if someone else rebooked the date.  If not, only Play credit is available.

  • Party deposit credit may be issued towards a 10-Day Play Pass if party was cancelled at least 2 weeks prior to the scheduled reservation.  

Within 2 Weeks Before Event:

  • All Parties (including State of Fun Package) cancelled within 2 weeks (must be more than one week) will only receive credit towards one (1) Family Play. Unless the date was rebooked by a different party, then a 10-day Play Pass will be issued instead. 

  • State of Fun Package cancelled within 2 weeks will forfeit the full initial deposit of $350  as the $150 will be applied towards cancellation of the Entertainment vendors per their policy.

Less than 7 days

  • All Parties cancelled less than 7 days will receive NO credit towards another date for rescheduling and NO credit towards any play.  No exceptions.

  • If cancelling a Town Package, an additional $45 fee will be charged to the credit card on file to put towards un-cancellable bakery items.

  • If cancelling a City Package, a $100 fee will be charged to the credit card on file to put towards un-cancellable bakery items.

  • If cancelling a State of Fun Package, much like the City Package, a $100 bakery fee will be charged in addition to the $350 initial deposit.

  • Any Vendor fees that cannot be cancelled \ including and not limited to all catering and entertainment expenses booked for the party will also be charged when party is cancelled.  No exceptions.

24-48 Hour Cancellation

All cancelations made 24-48 hours prior to the party reservation will incur additional fees that will be charged on your credit card on file below:


  • Village Package: $100 cancellation fee plus all catering, add-ons and entertainment expenses and/or deposits are due in full and paid towards the vendors for the party.

  • Town Package: $100 cancellation fee plus $45 bakery fee (total $145) & all catering, add-ons and entertainment expenses and/or deposits are due in full and paid towards the vendors for the party.

  • City Package: $100 cancellation fee plus $100 bakery fee (total $200) and all catering, add-ons and entertainment expenses and/or deposits are due in full and paid towards the vendors for the party.

  • State of Fun Package: $100 cancellation fee plus $100 bakery fee in addition to the $350 initial deposit plus all catering, add-ons and entertainment expenses and/or deposits are due in FULL and paid towards the vendors for the party.

What is your cancellation and credit policy due to COVID?

As explained above, while we understand that COVID can cancel plans for your party, our expenses to keep our doors open do not get canceled.  However, we have categorized our cancelation policy into two:

Cancellation due to Exposure to COVID but no Positive Test:

- All original cancellation policy applies if you are canceling due to exposure only without a positive test or fear of Covid and the booking family has not tested positive nor have been exposed.

Cancellation due to COVID Positive test up to 3 days before the party: 

- A proof of positive test is required to waive the $100 cancellation fee (taken within 2 weeks).

**Regardless if it's due to COVID, ALL cancellations within 7 days will incur the bakery fees & any other vendor fees that the party added (catering, entertainment etc.). These are fees that are being charged by the vendors to us. If cancelled within 24-48 hours, all add-on fees are due in full + including additional hour + $100 Cancellation Fee. No exceptions.



Party Inclusions & Expectations

Will the facility be open to the public during my party?

No. Your party will be completely private and you will have the use of our entire facility, adult lounge area, dining area, party room and play area for the whole duration of your party.

What time should we arrive for our event?

If you have extra items to set up, we recommend arriving 30 minutes prior to your guests’ arrival.  Our party host and assistant can help set up the last bits of detail you need. 

If you do not have other things to set up, we still ask that you arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your guests’ arrival so we can work you through the itinerary, set expectations for you and your guests to ensure a smooth check-in process.

What is the itinerary like?

For the first 15 minutes of your party, one of our staffs will be up front to welcome your guests and familiarize them with our rules and policies as they check in.  Then we will guide the kids into our Tiny Town to start their play.  Play time will be for an hour and 15 minutes.  Our staff will then gather all your guests to our party room the last half hour of your event to help serve the kids food & drinks, sing happy birthday and then, cake! 

Can we go back to play after food and cake?

Unfortunately, the itinerary is designed to make sure that the last half hour is meant for eating and drinking, cake and then packing up. However, we do have an option to extend the play time at $75 per half an hour (up to an hour) but only if the schedule permits and must be communicated at least a week prior to the event.

Can we book extra entertainment for the kids during our reservation?

This is a per case basis.  If you are booking a character entertainer like any princesses or superheroes, a balloon artist, face painter, we can definitely help you with booking.  We've partnered with many party entertainers including DJs as well.  

Can I downgrade or upgrade my party reservation?

You can upgrade your party at least 2 weeks prior to your reservation and downgrade your party at least 3 weeks prior.  Unfortunately, most of our vendors need at least 2 weeks notice when it comes to ordering items, so if you were to upgrade from our basic package The Village to The Town or The City which include baked goods, we will need at least 2 weeks notice.  If you are downgrading, we will need to at least be notified 3 weeks before so we can refrain from ordering items.

Is there a maximum amount of children that can attend?

Our maximum capacity for the play area for parties is 25 kids and up to 2 adults per child ratio.  Our max capacity combined, adults & children, is 75 guests.

Can we add more kids to our reservation?

Each party package include a certain amount of children (guests), for example, The Village & The Town include 10 kids and The City include 15 kids, but you can add additional children at $12 per child, and $10 per child (over 10mos) for The City Package + $5 per child per additional favor/goodie bag.  Keep in mind that if you are adding additional guests on our Town and City packages, you also may need to add additional food like pizza and cupcakes, etc.

When is the final headcount due?

Final headcount is due at least 48 hours before your event so we can properly set up the tables and chairs.  This will also give us enough time to make last minute changes if there is any.

The Camper Package FAQS

What is included in the Village Package?

The Village Package is our basic package; however, it includes two hours of private rental of our facility, a party host, a party assistant, help with set-up, cake cutting and the clean-up.  It also includes solid color paper plates, cups, cutlery and table covers and now, a choice of one these backdrops.  We also throw in table balloon décor and simple balloon arrangements. You can learn more about our Village package here.

What is not included in the Village Package?

Food, drinks, theme and the extra set up are not included in the Village Package; however, these items can be added as an upgrade to your event.  We have a lot of “add-on” items that you can choose from.  You can check all the add-ons here.  If you are looking into having food, drinks and theme already added in the package, you can check out the Town Package (deluxe) and City Package (premium).

Can I bring my own food and drinks?

Absolutely!  All you need to do is let us know what you will be bringing so we can prepare our staff when it comes to set up and clean-up. 

What kind of food do you suggest bringing?

We suggest food items that are easy to serve and eat so you can maximize the play time, like pizza or nuggets.  You can also add these food items to your event as we offer pizza from Pizza Hut and Chicken Nuggets from Chik-Fil-A.  We can also assist with full catering options from anywhere, just let us know.

Can I bring my own décor?

Of course! As a matter of fact, you may drop most of your décor off to us up to 2 days before (see list below) the event (but no earlier due to limited storage) so we can help set them up on the day of up until your arrival if you would like us to.  You must let our Party Planner know ahead of time if you wish us to set them up or you want to DIY.  


Due to our limited storage and set up time for this & our Neighborhood package, we have a limit on the amount of décor you can drop off to us, but you can bring and set up as much décor as you like on the day of. 


Also, please keep in mind, that our Village (and Neighborhood Package) is not a "just show up package" and full set up is not included.  We have a limit of what decor we will set up ahead of time for these packages.

To guide you, see our lists below:

List of what you can drop off ahead and we can help set up:

  • Themed plates, cups, cutlery and table covers.

  • One backdrop and/or banner to hang.

  • Themed balloons (air-filled not helium) to attach to our table arrangement.

  • Helium balloons (already inflated & with strings). 

  • Few Themed Décor. Must already be assembled together.


Below is a list of items that you can bring the day of the event and use your 30-minute set up time for:

  • Food and drink items.

  • Snacks and favor bags / boxes. (already assembled together).

  • Extra décor: balloon garland, banners.


The Cabin Package FAQS

What is included in the Town Package?

The Town Package is our deluxe package.  It includes everything in our basic package plus two large pizzas, honest juices, cupcakes and bottled waters.  To learn more of what else is included in our Town Package, click here.

Are we limited to the themes you offer or can we do any theme we like?

You are not limited to the themes we offer.  You can choose any theme you like from Construction Zone to Baby Shark or even combined theme like Cars & Dinos.  

What kind of decor will be included in the Town Package?

We provide a backdrop or banner, or both in certain cases, table balloons arrangements and small balloon garland, themed plates, cups, & table covers.  No matter what theme, we make sure it's extra special.

Can we substitute the Pizza for Chik-Fil-A?

Yes you may, however, due to cost difference, theres a maximum of $25 credit that can be put towards the Chik-Fil-A order.  

Can we still bring extra food and decor with this package?

Absolutely!  But please keep in mind that the food items must be approved prior to your party.  We highly recommend sticking to finger food items.  

The Lakehouse Package FAQS

What is included in the City Package?

The City Package is our All Inclusive package. When you book this package, you won't have any worries when it comes to details.  We will do all the planning and set up and you just show up for the party.  All we are going to need is the theme you would like.

How many children are included in this package?

This package includes up to 15 children.  Additional children can be added for $10 per child, plus $5 per favor added.

Can I still make food additions like extra pizza or cupcakes etc?

Yes, you can add any of our add-ons like more pizza up until 24 hours prior, or chik-fil-a for up to 48 hours prior.  Other food add-ons like cupcakes, or upgraded cake must be made at least 2 weeks prior to your event.

How many favors are included?

There will be 15 favors included, one for each child guest.  If you have more than 15 children attending, there's an additional $5 fee for each additional child on top of the $10 extra child fee.  This covers the favor bag for the extra children. 



The State of Fun Package FAQS

What is included in the State Package?

The State of Fun Package includes everything that the City has to offer and so much more. This package includes food for both kids and adults plus entertainment and extra 30 minutes! (total 2.5hrs of party time not including the complementary 30 minute set up time.)

What Food is included?

This package includes the 4 Large Pizzas, the 8" cake and 1.5 dozen cupcakes that the City package offers and in additional to that, it also includes a small platter of finger sandwiches, fruit and cheese platter and a veggie platter.

What kind of Entertainment will be provided?

We have partnered up with the amazing Bazinga Entertainment who will be providing a total of 90 minutes of entertainment.  There will be two experienced entertainers for your party, a Face Painter and a Balloon artist for 60 minutes and they will also coordinate age appropriate games for the last 30 minutes.  We will be providing prizes for these games too!

How many children are included in this package?

This package includes up to 15 children.  Additional children can be added for $35 per child.  This fee includes a favor bag, face painting, balloon, play and games & drinks.

Can I still make food additions like extra pizza or cupcakes etc?

Yes, you can add any of our add-ons like more pizza up until 24 hours prior, or chik-fil-a for up to 48 hours prior.  Other food add-ons like cupcakes, or upgraded cake must be made at least 2 weeks prior to your event.

How many favors are included?

There will be 15 favors included, one for each child guest.  The extra child fee will cover the additional favors needed.