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policies & procedures


Age Limits & Restrictions

  • Our facility is created for children 6 and under, however, children over the age of 6 may play with their younger sibling.

  • For the safety of our tiniest explorers, children that are disruptive especially kids over the age of 6 will be given a warning and eventually asked to leave.  A warning will be given for the first time, second time they will not be allowed in the play area, and 3rd time will be asked to leave the premises without a refund.


Food and Use of Session

  • You may not bring outside food (full meal) in the facility during your semi-private reserved session at this time. Snacks for the kids and water/juice are allowed.  Outside coffee are also okay, do keep in mind that we also offer fresh brewed coffee and have Nitro Cold Brew on tap provided by a local roaster.

  • Private play is not for birthdays or events.  Please speak to one of our staff members about booking the facility on the weekends for your party needs or book our "The Tent Package" for weekday birthdays!

Adult to Child Ratio

  • All Open Play spots are reserved for one adult and one child only.  You can add a sibling/s and  get 10% off of your reservation total.  All must be accompanied by the same adult to get this discount.  To add an extra adult, just choose the option during the scheduling.  You can add up to one extra. 

Maximum Capacity

  • Open Play has a maximum capacity of 10 children per session. Extra Adults may be added with a max of 2 adults per child in the play area.

  • Family Play is for  6 children and up to 2 adults per child.  May be used for small group playdates.  

  • Group Play has a maximum of 12 children and up to 20 adults.  This private play is for group playdates with friends or learning pods. 

  • You can add extra children to both Family Play & Group Play at $15/child.

Allotted Time / Cancellations / Refunds

  • Each session comes with 2 hours (120 mins) of play and may not exceed that allotted time. 

  • Cancellations must be done at least 48 hours before your reserved time to get credit towards another date.  We do not offer refunds, only credit.  There is a strict NO credit / NO refund policy on ALL last minute (within 48hrs) or same-day cancelations.  No exceptions. This includes passes & memberships as well.

check-in procedures:

  1. If you believe you or someone in your household have been exposed to COVID19 in the last 14 days leading up to your reservation, with or without symptoms, we ask that you please stay home.  

  2. ​Please sign the waiver ahead of time

  3. Please do not arrive more than 10 minutes prior to your reservation.  Unfortunately, more often than not, families overstay their session but with our intense cleaning and disinfecting procedures, our staff will need a solid 40-45 minutes to get our facility ready for your session. 

  4. Check in at the reception desk and don't forget to practice social distancing while waiting.

  5. Beginning March 7th, 2022, masks are again OPTIONAL during Open Play. Mask have always been optional during Family & Group Play.

  6. All patrons are required to wash their hands or sanitize using any of our sanitation stations before entering the play area. We recommend the use of our auto hand washing station, the kids love it!

  7. Make sure you remove shoes before entering the play area.  Grip Socks are required for both adults and children. We also offer them for purchase.

  8. Children between ages 4-6 must not be left unsupervised at the play area for long periods of time.  Children ages 3 and below must be supervised at ALL times.

  9. A staff member will alert you 10 minutes prior to the end of your designated time so you may promptly prepare your children to leave.  This allows us to deep clean and disinfect before another reservation session starts.

  10. The baby area is strictly for children under 22 months.  Children over the age limit are not allowed as toys in that area is meant for small, gentler hands.

  11. Before you leave, please make sure you put all the toys that has been in your children's mouth in one of our "Yucky Buckets".  There will be multiple around the play area. 

  12. If you enjoyed your play, talk to one of our staff about becoming a member or get info regarding our play passes so you can save.  We'd love to have you play with us often!  See you soon!

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