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We are so happy to see you shopping at our online shop and supporting our small business!  Here at Pikopye's Town, you'll notice that we have carefully selected items that are unique and family-owned or women-owned​.  Please do read the story behind every brand we carry to get to know the creators and be inspired!  We are also very proud to offer a lot of eco-friendly options like our wooden toys from Le Toy Van, Tenderleaf Toys and Plan Toys, which you'll find inside our playhouses.

Shop while you play, purchase online and pick up at the front desk! 

Or shop at home and do curbside pick-up during business hours.  

Happy Shopping!

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Carmel Berry

The idea for Carmel Berry Co came to Katie when her kids were little and were looking for natural immune boosters. They learned about elderberries (they have more antioxidants than nearly every other fruit and have anti-viral & anti-inflammatory properties too). But all the syrups they tried tasted awful, used imported berries, or contained thickeners and preservatives.

Then they learned that elderberries are native to America, as well as Europe! So they began growing their own elderberries and making their own syrup and LOVED the taste--fresh local berries makes a difference! That’s when they decided to take the crazy step of starting a food business!

Carmel Berry partner with farmers and commit to using only American raw berries--never imported and never dried. We fill the need for a local, sustainable elderberry option!

In addition to our Elderberry Syrup, they also have Elderflower Syrup that tastes like summer sunshine!

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