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Pikopye's Town recognizes the current demand and need for a safer education for our children during this unprecedented times.  Unfortunately, for preschoolers, the option of virtual learning is just not the same as in-person and sending them back to their usual preschool may present higher risk versus homeschooling. However, many parents are still working and some are doing it remotely, making it impossible to homeschool.  This is why, many parents are now opting to do a nanny-share or join a small group learning pods in other people's homes. 


We are currently putting together multiple enrichment classes throughout the week to help you keep your preschoolers busy learning while in a safe environment. Better yet, this program will include full access to our Creative Lounge so the parents will have an opportunity to focus on work or much needed "me time" while their children are in class.  


Want to learn more?  Read the FAQs below and find out what we can do for you and your family.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Children and Teacher in Kindergarten

What program are you offering?

We are offering a small group Enrichment Program at our facility that focuses on Play, Art & Music.

Who is this program for?

This program is most beneficial to parents of preschoolers who work remotely as it includes a workspace in our creative lounge while their child is in class.

What is the schedule like for this program?

The program starts on January 11th and will be from 9am - 12pm, 3 days a week, on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Except Holiday week (i.e. Thanksgiving, New Year etc)






What is the cost of the program and what does it include?

The cost for the program is $39 per class and it include all the materials and supplies your child needs for the class plus full access to our creative lounge for all your co-working needs, plus unlimited coffee or nitro cold brew.  

Will this be an ongoing program?

We will be offering this program as long as there is a need in our community.  We will be transitioning to Supervised Play once it is safer, so we can serve you, the parents, and give you some much needed uninterrupted time while your child is learning with us.

What age group and how many children max in class?

The age group for this program is 3 to 5 years of age.  We are looking at a maximum of 8 students at any given day. We'd like to keep it small to ensure safety of our students. 

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Is the parent allowed to leave the facility during class?

Unfortunately, the parent must stay on premises while their child is in class.  This is why this program is best for parents who could work remotely in our facility as the access to a workspace is included along with many amenities including unlimited coffee.

How do I register for this program?

Very easy!  After you read our FAQs, just click the button below.  You can also pre-book for future classes.  Just keep in mind, that we have a very limited capacity, so when you reserve your spot, there is no refund for a missed class.  We apologize for the inconvenience.


We have a quaranteam, can we apply as a group? 

Yes, of course.  Please keep in mind, we may not exceed our maximum limit of 8 students. 

Who will be teaching the class?

We will have a certified teacher who also possesses a current Child CPR and First Aid certification. We will be posting her profile online very soon.

What is the curriculum like for the Enrichment Program?

The certified teacher is putting together a customized curriculum for our students that will include reading, phonics, writing, alphabets, numbers, arts and crafts, music, singing and dancing. Furthermore, our facility features a 1500sf indoor play area that includes a child-size town with 10 custom playhouses that resembles real life businesses like a veterinary, fire station, grocery store and many more.  This will allow us to facilitate imaginative, cooperative play and create an opportunity for the children to learn more about different jobs and careers within a community.

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Are you open for walk-ins or to the public during the session?

No, we are not.  To keep the parents, students and our staff healthy and our facility safe and clean, we will NOT be open to the public when the session is in progress.  However, after the class is over, we will go through a sanitizing and disinfecting process to safely open our facility in the afternoon for our Reserved Play Sessions and weekends for Birthday Parties.


What are your health and safety protocols?

First and foremost, we have hired Microshield360 to protect our whole facility.  It is a huge step up from just constantly cleaning and disinfecting, which we definitely are still doing.  To learn more about all our safety protocols, procedures and guidelines, click the links below:


  • For procedure and protocols to keep our facility, staff and your families COVID-risk free, click here

  • To learn more about our cleaning and disinfecting procedures of our facility, click here

  • To learn more about Microshield360, click below:



We would love the opportunity to make you feel comfortable about attending our program so please do not hesitate to e-mail us any questions or concerns at info@pikopyestown.com 

If you and your child are interested in joining our Pre-K Program, please pre-register using the form to the right.  This will allow us to see the amount of interest so we may make a final decision to whether offer one or two sessions.  Also by pre-registering, you are allowing us to send you updates via e-mail regarding the program, tour schedules, application opening and enrollment deadlines.

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