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Becoming your best self depend on how much "me" time you get.  Have you been day dreaming about launching a new business idea?  How about finishing that awesome book you've been meaning to read...or write?  What about simply having some time to sip warm cup of coffee or nitro cold brew with your bestie and just catch-up?

Our Creative Lounge is meant for parents like you who need a little space to focus on you and everything else in between while your child is in a class learning with us.  Check out all the awesome amenities that come with your lounge access below!


Open Work


Lounge Space

Fresh Hot Coffee


Nitro Cold Brew

Laser Printer



High Speed

Internet /


Private Use


Phone Booth

Sometimes, all you need is just two to three hours of no interruption to stay focused and be productive at work.  We understand that many companies have opted for their employees to work remotely and while convenient for some,  working from home present so many challenges to workers who are also parents with small children.  Worry not, check out our Enrichment Program with Coworking and it may be the solution you're looking for until your kiddos are able to safely return to school.

Working Remotely?

Do you know...

...that you can also have access to our Creative Lounge and all its amenities during your Reserved Play Session if you're an active Play Member?​  Come be a member today and enjoy our lounge and all its perks! 

coming soon!

In the near future, you will be able to use what we call a "Supervised Play".  It's a type of babysitting service that we offer within the facility which you can use when you book access to our Creative Lounge. 

Please note that since we are not a licensed childcare facility, Texas law dictates that we can only supervise your child for up to four (4) hours a day, a max of 12 hours per week, and you must stay on premise at all times. Make sure you subscribe to our e-mail list below so we can keep you posted with up-to-date news about us!

Supervised Play

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