It's that time to make a change...

Dear Pikopye Family,

How are you doing?  First of all, brace yourself as this is going to be a long one but bare with me.

​Years ago, when I had this idea to open an indoor playground & a co-working space, I knew exactly what I wanted to do and what I would like to offer your families.  I expected for challenges to come my way as I go, but what I did not see coming is the pandemic that has forced me to pivot in so many ways just to survive. 

But as time went by since the first shut down and I finally got to open our doors, I was able to learn what worked and what did not, what’s right for our business and what is not, through trial and error.  Lots of trials and too many errors to count but you know what they say,

“...if it’s not working, you gotta make a change.”

Originally, our business vision is to be open all day and everyone can just come anytime without reservations.  We were not going to offer any sort of private play and only private events on the weekends.  However, with COVID, all that has changed. Families big and small needed a place to take their kids safely where they feel more comfortable.  Not only that, when we opened our play to the public, we had to control our capacity and went with reserved play sessions in small groups.  But after a while, I have grown to love these small group sessions.  Families responded to it better, it’s safer and it is a more intimate experience.  Not to mention, I absolutely love being able to talk to each family that comes through our doors, get to know them, and learn their story.

But the time has come when everything is opening back up and vaccines are becoming more and more available.  You may feel that it will solve all the challenges we are facing but it is not.  With new strains popping up and lots of unknowns, families are still afraid and we also do not feel comfortable increasing capacity.  As a matter of fact, we may never increase capacity for our Open Play… ever again.  But unfortunately, expenses stay the same.  And that is truly the reality and the dilemma we are facing now.

So here we are. 

We feel it’s time to really solidify some changes and one of them is keeping our Open Play intimate and small… maybe not forever but for a long while.  We are working hard towards permanently becoming a boutique play destination where you come for the experience and expect to play only in small groups.

However, doing so will also cause a change in our pricing.  By the end of the day today, our pricing will change in our Open Play, Memberships, Private Play & Passes.  It is a necessary change so we can keep serving our community and keep our doors open for a long time.   Eventually, when things get better, we will have to take out the Private Play all together and focus on our Small Group plays during the week. 

If you are a current member, your membership will remain the same.  If you canceled and re-joined, new pricing will take effect. 

If you'd like to take advantage of our current pricing, book your play now, purchase your passes and sign up for a membership today.

We thank you for all your patience, understanding and support.  We are truly grateful for the grace you have given us and we can’t wait to see you soon! 

With much love,

Leah Reed
Pikopye's Town

We returned to our original schedule of 9:30 / 12:30 / 3:30 Monday thru Thursdays!  Fridays, we have a 2pm and a 5pm-- and yes, you may bring an adult beverage!  We experimented and found that our 8am is not as well received as we thought it would.  Maybe next time.