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It all started with “oh how I wish…” three years ago, at 2am, talking with my husband, while we were both in bed still on our laptops, trying to catch up on work because our then one year old demanded a lot of our attention during the day.  Even though both my husband and I were so blessed to have the flexibility of working from home that allowed us to keep our son home, there were days when we needed the change of scenery from our usual four-wall space, and sip hot coffee we didn’t microwave for the 100th time.  We also wanted our son to have interactions with other children since he wasn’t in any type of daycare.  


It was that night when my dream of an indoor play + creative space for work-from-home or stay-at-home parents began. It took three long years to craft, on and off, before I was able to solidify and move forward with my big dream.  And we can't wait to see it through with all of you.  

so what is pikopye?


More like who is Pikopye?  Our son, who is now four years old, made up a word when he was almost 2.  It was one of his first words. For months, we didn’t understand why he kept saying Pikopye and realized that it was something that represented comfort, or a play word.  The word was everything to him like an imaginary friend.  So when we were thinking about what to name our play town, there wasn’t anything better than Pikopye’s Town.  

thank you!


I have my husband Dave, my son Micah, my family and friends to thank for making this dream a reality.  We cannot wait to open our doors this Spring of 2020 in South/Central Austin!  If you'd like to keep in the know of our pre-opening discounts and promotions, subscribe today!

Pikopye's Town

2919 Menchaca Rd, Ste 205

Austin, TX 78704


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Monday - Friday

9:30am - 5:30pm 

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Saturday & Sunday

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